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Razer teases gaming tablet &#151 Project Fiona

Gaming accessories maker Razer is expected to show the tablet on 10th January at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Gaming accessories maker, Razer is all set to announce a gaming tablet at the Consumers Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas, US.

Razer has posted a teaser on its YouTube account with tag line &#151 PC gaming is not dead. In the teaser video, Razer has shown in-game glimpses of three major game titles &#151 Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, H.A.W.X. 2 and FireFall.

Last year at CES 2011, Razer has shown its switchblade gaming tablet concept and eventually teamed up with Intel to add an Intel Atom processor to power the gaming tablet. Fantastically designed Razer Switchblade was strictly a concept design tablet but the company did clarify that products based on same design might be launched.

Razer is now rumored to show a gaming tablet, dubbed as Project Fiona. The only reference that could possibly come close to the name Fiona is the one of the playable character from a free-to-play game Vindictus developed by Korean developers, known as devCAT.

The teaser video of Project Fiona is pretty subtle for it starts with black text in white background reminding of how Apple iPad commercials and advertisements appear. Suddenly the background changes to black and typical Razer styling comes in to focus.

Focus of the teaser is the text &#151 PC Gaming on an all-new form factor, and this product is expected to be shown on the 10 January 2012 during the Consumer Electronics Show. As of now it is difficult to get more details about the form factor, specifications or commercial viability of this tablet. The Razer tablet most likely will have 3G as well as WiFi connectivity for Internet since the concept design Switchblade had it too.

The Cloud-based OnLive Gaming has already tapped the potential of tablet gaming by releasing its app for the Apple iOS and Google Android platform based tablets. However, not many PC games have been made available on it.

Though many hardcore gamers may prefer the traditional PC or console platforms for gaming, the tablet is the new emerging platform that may spread the hysteria provided the game title implementations are suitable. Basically, enough number of games playable without any cumbersome on-screen controls.

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