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PUBG Mobile bans over 1.5 mn accounts for using unfair means to win games

PUBG Mobile has stated from March 28th through April 1st, the game banned over 1.6 million accounts that were found cheating

PUBG Mobile recently revealed that the game permanently banned over 1.5 million accounts in the past few days due to the fact that those accounts were using unfair means in the game to gain advantage and secure a win during a battle. The fact was shared by the game’s developers on Twitter.

PUBG Mobile’s last banning round led to 18,13,787 accounts being permanently barred from the game while with the latest PUBG Ban Pan anti-cheat report shared by PUBG Mobile, 16,91,949 accounts got banned and the report also revealed that most of the banned accounts belonged to the Bronze tier, which is the lowest tier in the game.

The unfair practices that were used by these accounts included auto-aiming that lets players automatically lock onto moving enemies making it easier to kill them and see-through cheats that let players see through walls and other cover structures.

Per the stats revealed by PUBG Mobile, about 32% of the banned users were using some form of auto-aim and see-though cheats. Meanwhile, 12% of users were using speed hacks to move faster while 6% and 4% of the users were respectively using a modification of area damage and character model to take lesser damage. About 10% of players were using other kinds of hacks.

PUBG Mobile is still banned in India and hasn’t shown up on the play store or app store ever since it got banned in the country back in September of 2020. A recent report suggested that the company received a go-ahead from the Indian government to release the game in the region but no further updates were shared by the developers.

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