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Pokemon Unite: June Battle Pass Details

Leafeon is considered a Speedster among the roster of Pokemon due to its high attacking movement speed.


  • Pokemon Unite Battle Pass 16 starts June 7 onwards, introducing brand new Verdant Pokemon Leafeon to the game.
  • Special Ability: Leaf Guard Chlorophyll

The Pokemon Unite Battle Pass 16 will commence on June 7, and it will bring a new addition to the game – Leafeon, the Verdant Pokemon. Leafeon belongs to Generation IV and is recognized as the strongest evolution of Eevee among its eight forms. This Grass-type Pokemon possesses unique abilities such as Leaf Guard and Chlorophyll.

Leafeon is all set to enter the game on June 8, 2023, amidst the Eevee Festival Event.

Pokemon Unite: Leafeon Details.

Leafeon is considered a Speedster among the roster of Pokemon due to its high attacking movement speed. An official sneak peek has revealed Leafeon’s appearance and movesets, but the process of unlocking and evolving it remains a mystery.

Leafeon boasts impressive defensive capabilities, coupled with moderate HP and speed. Many players consider this Pokemon to be an all-rounder, making it a popular choice for both battles and capturing wild Pokemon.

  • HP: 65
  • Attack: 110
  • Defense: 130
  • Special Attack: 60
  • Special Defense: 65
  • Speed: 95

Leafeon Abilities

  • Leaf Blade

Leaf Blade deals heavy damage to the prey and also decreases their movement speed.

  • Razor Leaf

The Razor Leaf attack shoots an edged leaf towards the target, which hit twice; Once when fired, and another when the leaf returns.

  • Solar Blade

Solar Blade deals huge damage and the damage can be enhanced by charging Pokemon for a longer time. Longer the charge, the higher the damage.

  • Leafeon’s Unite Move

Leafeon’s Unite Move enables Leafeon to jump higher and destroy the surrounding Pokemon. When Leafeon lands, the closer Pokemon takes the most damage, meanwhile, it affects the ones in the area.

Leaf Guard Chlorophyll (special)

Each ability has a unique style and animation which their Pokemon masters love. All the knowledge helps in defending itself but its special abilities deal extensive damage to the opponent. Once new updates get rolled out for all the compatible platforms, players can enjoy playing with Leafeon.

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