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PlayBook: First impression

It has an intuitive user interface, and the operating system uses multitouch very well. The icons at bottom are divided in categories.

First let’s talk about the good things in BlackBerry PlayBook. The user interface is intuitive, and the operating system makes good use of multitouch. The icons are there at the bottom of the screen, and users can navigate through them going by the categories.

When users keep several tabs open at once, large images appear when users are scrolling through them so they can select the right easily.

The problem with this sort of multitasking, says PCMag.com, is that all the apps are running live even in the background which means it sucks more power than the other tablets doing the same thing in the market.

It’s a clutterless and clean approach, says Wall Street Journal.

The of PlayBook does a decent job even for those sites which are made for conventional computers, and it handles Flash content on websites equally well.

The back of the device has a rubber feel to it and is thicker and lighter than iPad 2. The native email and calendar clients are missing, so those looking for independent devices, may well have to wait, says the site.

PlayBook uses QNX operating system, the first major iPad challenger that doesn’t use the operating system.

But there is no built in data connection, and neither is the famed BlackBerry Messenger present in it. To use such features, the device needs to have a wireless connection with a BlackBerry phone. In a way, this is just a complementary device to the BlackBerry Phone and not an independent one.

According to PCMag.com, the user interface of PlayBook is better than Motorola Xoom, which has a cluttered appearance to it. PlayBook is less than that of iPad 2, but it looks sharper than iPad 2 because it is smaller than iPad 2.

The power button is also an issue here, as it’s small and is difficult to press too. The site was surprised to see this kind of a mistake from Research in Motion.

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