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Pay mobile bills in time to improve credit rating

CIBIL plans to include mobile bill payment track record to arrive at your credit worthiness score.

Soon, default on mobile bill payments might make you ineligible for taking loans.

CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Ltd), which tracks users’ payment track record which is used by banks to know the credit worthiness of an individual, is in talks with mobile operators to include the postpaid bill payments in the individuals credit worthiness score.

CIBIL has started a pilot project with Vodafone for their Mumbai circles and has also approached all the major operators like Airtel and RCom to get the bill payment track record.

Operators say that this move will help them in offering better credit limits to new postpaid customers and also check on the defaults.

However, several consumers fear that it will enable operators to force individuals to pay even those bills that are challenged by the customers as inflated.

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