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Optimise your iPad’s experience

There are so many things users can do with their iPad, such as using it as a secondary desktop screen or even streaming videos on it from a PC.

There are numerous features available in the iPad that users are already aware of, but if they dig deeper, they’ll find still more. Many of these little-known features come through apps, whereas others are pre-installed on the device.

For example, users have the facility to use the same iPad as secondary desktop display as well. The display of the iPad is a high resolution one, and an app called Air Display and turn the iPad screen’s into a second screen for a Mac. The same monitor is easily viewable in both portrait and in landscape mode. While showing a video the iPad may lag a little when used as a secondary screen, but for most other tasks the tablet refreshes quickly enough.

Even if users have spent money on the iPad with most memory all the videos won’t fit into it. In that case users also have the option of streaming videos from a PC. However, if the videos have been bought from iTunes store, digital rights management (DRM) restrictions won’t allow this. But videos that aren’t from iTunes can be streamed.

Users can connect more than one camera through Apple’s iPad Camera Connection kit. While using a keyboard with an iPad, at times the device may say the keyboard isn’t supported, but if it doesn’t draw too much power, users can safely continue working with the same keyboard. The Apple iPad also supports a Bluetooth keyboard and Apple iPad keyboard dock.

Then there are some other options such as using the side switch to enable or stop audio alerts or to keep the orientation of the screen in either portrait or landscape mode to reduce inconvenience. There is also a multitasking option in iOS, and users can just hit the home button to bring up the currently running or suspended apps.

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