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OnePlus 5 doesn’t let you to dial the emergency number!

Some users are reporting that when they emergency call on their OnePlus 5, the smartphone simply reboot.

OnePlus 5 is surely making some headlines, but this one is for the wrong reason. Some users are reporting that when they emergency call on their OnePlus 5, the smartphone simply reboot.
Users have taken this issue Reddit to report a bug that is causing their devices to reboot whenever they call 911. One user named as Seattle_Horn said, “I had to dial 911 on my OP5 yesterday (saw a building on fire a few blocks away) and both times I tried my phone rebooted on me.” The user was then able to replicate the problem and have posted a video on his Facebook account.
Meanwhile, another user from the UK reported the similar problem. He said, “Just tried this with mine in the UK (checked over the radio to the police control room first of it was okay, we have a radio at work for the police) and it did the same thing, this is not a good thing for OnePlus.”
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However, there is no known specific cause of the problem, but some believe that the issue is linked to handset’s GPS. Some also believe that issue is not related to a 911 call, but to other emergency numbers as well. This is a very serious bug since it will make it even more difficult for someone to call the emergency services during some unexpected turn of events.
OnePlus is still looking at the cause of this problem and has said, “We have contacted the customer and are currently looking into the issue. We ask anyone experiencing a similar situation to contact us at support@oneplus.net.”
Update: The company has said that they resolved this issue. “We have been in touch with the customer and have tested a software update that has resolved the issue. We will be rolling out the software update shortly,” the company said in an official statement.
This is not the first time OnePlus 5 is marred in a controversy. Many early adopters are complaining of a strange issue on their new OnePlus 5 described as “jelly scrolling”. Users are reporting this issue on company’s official forums and on Reddit, where whenever they scroll slowly, the text bunches together and stretches when scrolled further.
This creates a jelly fish-like movement on the latest flagship device. There is no explanation for this problem yet; many users point out in the forums that there is a possibility that the screen is mounted upside-down, which is causing this issue.
Many users are complaining that despite connecting their OnePlus 5 with a WiFi network, they are unable to access the internet. Some users say with a recent update the signal bars while using WiFi drop off and then go back up as if the phone is looking for an alternative way to connect to the WiFi network, while other complain that they are not able to use the internet after connecting to a WiFi network.

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