Nikon D6 DSLR camera, NIKKOR Z 20mm and Z 24-200mm lenses launched in India

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The company has also introduced two new lenses including Nikkor Z 20mm and Nikkor Z 24-200mm.


Nikon has today announced the launch of its latest DSLR camera in India known as Nikon D6. The company has also introduced two new lenses including Nikkor Z 20mm and Nikkor Z 24-200mm. The camera comes with a price tag of Rs 5,19,995. NIKKOR Z 20mm lens comes with a price tag of Rs 88,995, while the NIKKOR Z 24-200mm lens is priced at Rs 70,995. Both the lens are expected to go on sale in April this year.


The company claims that the Nikon D6 is the most powerful autofocus camera from the company. The camera features 105-point autofocus with high-density placement. It comes with Multi-CAM37K autofocus sensor module, that gives more coverage through a higher-density triple-sensor arrangement. It also reduces non-AF covered areas, making it 1.6x more accurate than the D5. 



The camera is touted to deliver 14fps of continuous shooting speed with AF/AE. It also features dynamic-area AF and 3D-tracking that maintain focus and follow the action, all thanks to the new AF engine. One can take advantage of ‘Wide’ selection in single-point AF and dynamic-area AF modes to avoid focusing on the background. This is possible to due the new 180K-pixel RGB sensor and EXPEED 6 image-processing engine.


The company further revealed that one can shoot silently in full megapixels in live view photography. One can shoot up to approximately 10.5-fps with auto exposure (AE) tracking. It also features Evolved Auto area AF that automatically detects and achieves focus based on information from all focus points. 


The company claims that the camera deliver faster image transfer with built-in WiFi and WT-6 transmitters. along with a port for Wired LAN, which supports 1000BASE-T standard and achieves approx. 15 per cent faster communication. It also comes with priority image upload, a feature that allows you to select and send handpicked images rapidly through wired LAN and WT-6/A/B/C. It also features a simultaneous recording of JPEG+JPEG images, so that large JPEG files can be kept for editing and another small or medium JPEG can be recorded as a transfer option.


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