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New features announced for Google Search, Google Bard: Know what they are

Google Search and Google Bard have been updated with new capabilities such as the ability to summarise emails, About this image feature and more.

Google has been constantly updating it’s Google Search function and its generative chatbot, Bard, with new features and there are some new additions that have been announced. Google Search can now show you how a hair colour would look on you via Augmented Reality, while Bard on the other hand, can now summarise Emails for you. Read on to know more details about the new features.

Google Search: About this image feature now rolling out

One of the new features Google announced earlier this year is called ‘About this image’ and this feature is now rolling out to English language users globally in Google Search. About this image gives people an easy way to check the credibility and context of images they see online.

Users will be able to see when an image or similar images may have first been seen by Google Search, and whether it was previously published much earlier on other webpages. Google explains that this can be helpful if an image is being taken out of context and shared in relation to a current event, but is actually much older.

For better authenticity of the image, you can see how an image is used on other pages, and what other sources, like news and fact checking sites, are describing it. Further, you’ll be able to see metadata that image creators and publishers have added to an image (if any), including fields that may indicate that it has been generated or enhanced by AI.

You can access this tool by clicking on the three dots on an image in Google Images results, or by clicking “more about this page” in the About this result tool on search results.

Fact Check Explorer with image searching

Earlier this summer, Google announced feature for its Fact Checker tool which lets you upload or copy the URL of any image into the Fact Check Explorer and see if it has been featured anywhere in an existing fact check. Now, it is announcing a beta of Image Search functionality in FactCheck Claim Search API. Soon, approved journalists and fact checkers will be able to search the fact-check image corpus on Fact Check Explorer via an API and integrate the knowledge into their own solutions.

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Digging more information about sources via SGE

Google rolled out the Search Generative Experiences a while back and now, those who are opted-into Search Generative Experience (SGE) through Search Labs, will now be able to see AI-generated descriptions of some sources, supported by information on high-quality sites that talk about that website.

These AI-generated descriptions of the source will show up in the “more about this page” section of About this result for some sources where there isn’t an existing overview from Wikipedia or the Google Knowledge Graph. The aim is to lessen the amount of time people spend on digging information about a particular source, say a relatively new seller from whom they want to buy a product.

Google Bard: Ability to summarise Emails

With the latest update, Bard can now summarize more emails at a time. It can also better understand when you ask for recent emails. This is enables via the Extension support which was rolled out to Bard a few months back. In addition, when you share a conversation that has an image as part of the prompt, the image will now also be visible.

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