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New Asus Android, WP7 tablets

Asus has launched four new tablets, the smallest being 7 inches, with Android Honeycomb OS and Snapragon processor; and the largest with a 12 inch screen, Intel core i5 processor and Windows Phone 7 (WP7) OS.

Asus has launched three Eee Pad tablets with keyboards, and one that uses a stylus, at the CES 2011 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. While three tablets run on 3 Honeycomb, the fourth uses Windows Phone 7 OS.

The smallest of Asus’s new Android tablets is the Eee Pad MeMO, which has a 7 inch capacitive touchscreen, and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile processor. Asus MeMo is accompanied by a pen for taking handwritten notes and will ship with Android 3 (Honeycomb). It supports playback and gaming.

The next in size are the Eee Pad Transformer and Eee Pad Slider, both of which use keyboards, have 10.1 inch IPS touchscreens, are powered by Nvidia Tegra 2 mobile technology, and will ship with Android 3 Honeycomb.

Asus Transformer comes with a dock with a full keyboard that serves as a battery charger for up to 16 hours of non-stop computing. Eee Pad Slider, on the other hand, is equipped with a sliding keyboard.

And the big daddy of all, Eee Pad Slate EP121, has a 12.1 inch multi touch screen with Intel Core i5 processor and Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. Asus Eee Pad Slate EP121 is said to be the most powerful tablet ever and allows the user to run a variety of desktop applications on its 64GB solid state drive. Eee Pad Slate EP121 comes with a Wacom Digitizer pen, with which it is possible to write or draw, and a wireless keyboard.

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