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Most people use tablet PCs for gaming: report

People use tablets mostly during their free time after work hours, a Google survey has found.

Most people use their tablets for gaming and in domestic environments, in contrast to the notion that they are used as mobile devices, a Google survey has found.

The survey found that most people use tablets at night.

A whopping 82 per cent of people use their tablets in domestic environments, according to the survey, which did not investigate the tablet brands people tend to use, but predicts that iPads might be the most popular device. Samsung Galaxy Tab may also be present in the sample in sizable quantity.

The survey says 38 per cent people use tablets for more than two hours; whereas 30 per cent use these devices for between one and two hours. Only 11 per cent of respondents said they use tablets as mobile devices.

By that logic, tablet use during weekends should have been high, which is not the case. Tablets are left alone during the weekends.

The notion that tablets are known to be made for consuming rather than creating content is likely to change as these devices evolve and their market size increases. The situation right now suggests that tablets serve as toys for bigger kids. Most people haven’t replaced their personal computers with tablets yet. At the same time, mobility seems to be the reason why people buy tablets.

About 43 per cent of respondents said they use tablets more than laptops, so tablets definitely have their own space in people’s lifestyles.

Gaming companies have to work hard to sell their gaming devices to users. The same cannot be said about Apple, which has already sold close to 15 million iPads since its launch last year. Hard core gaming is more advanced than tablet gaming, as people are more in favour of convenience than quality.

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