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‘Mobile gaming rising at the expense of game consoles’

Companies like Nintendo are fighting back with new technology such as 3D, but the price difference remains a concern.

The rise in cellphone entertainment is gradually eating into the traditional game console market, according to a survey.

A blog post from Nielsen, says that the traditional console gaming is witnessing mass exodus towards smartphone gaming.

According to the Nielsen survey, people’s spending on cellphone entertainment including mobile games is increasing gradually while their expenses on game consoles are decreasing every day

At the same time, it may just be possible that the smartphone segment is expanding rapidly whereas console games have just remained static, as the Nielsen study just takes leisure spending into account.

Nielsen study also says that may be the screen, on which the games are played, are changing but the games are likely to remain the same.

Different websites such as Gamasutra and Venture Beat have covered Nintendo high rung officials as saying that smartphone gaming is useless and that gaming consoles will win in the long run.
Nintendo has offlate fought back by adding better graphics, 3D and 3D camera to the Nintendo DS.

The company intends to become the destination for high quality games. The 3D effect is created by using parallax barrier technology, which uses two different images for each eye to create an impression of depth. This technology, however, requires you to be in a sweet spot where the 3D effect works best. If you move away from there, the 3D experience is not quite there.

There still remains a huge difference between a game that costs $50 (Rs 4500) and the smartphone games that are either free or just cost $0.99 (Rs 45).
The smartphone games are no less in terms of popularity and are a popular device in their own right. Apps are being downloaded to these devices by tonnes and most of these are games.

The smartphone games, however, do not come with a detailed storyline. The games on the smartphones are also repetitive in nature.

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