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Mitron vs Roposo vs Chingari vs TikTok: Which one is India’s next big hit?

Let’s compare all the applications to find out, which is actually better.

The recent Indian government crackdown has resulted in a ban on 59 Chinese applications. The government has banned some famous applications like TikTok, which is also one of the most-used applications in the country.

This is not the first time TikTok is facing a backslash in the country. We have seen the short video-making app been in the news over quite a few controversies. The recent TikTok vs YouTube controversy, the app has seen a sudden influx of negative reviews on the Google Play Store. Many people in India have started voting1-star for the app in the past few days, which resulted in a massive drop of its review rating on Google Play Store.

Now that it is banned in India, people are looking for the Desi alternative to this application. This is where Indian apps like Mitron, Roposo and Chingari come into play. All the platforms deliver you the short-videos and some of them even offer you some unique features. So, let’s compare all the applications to find out, which is actually better.

Mitron vs Roposo vs Chingari vs TikTok: User Interface

The user interface of all the applications is similar to each other. On one hand, Mitron and TikTok share almost the same user interface, it is Roposo and Chingari that provide a different user interface. To start with Roposo, you get the main window like TikTok where the video plays in vertical format. However, unlike TikTok and its other counterparts, Roposo provides ease of access to different genres of content right from the home screen. At the bottom of the video, there are different genres including Haha TV, Beats, Filmistaan, Wow, Bhakti, Gabru, Roposo Stars and more.

The Mitron application comes with a similar user interface as seen in TikTok. The design and templates used in the application look similar to the one present in TikTok. For example, when you go to the home page, you will have options like Home, Discover, Create, Inbox and Profile. The same layout is present in the TikTok application as well.

Coming to Chingari, the user interface is completely different. There are three tabs on the top for Videos, News and Games. Yes, you heard that right Chingari also features games, which we will get back to later. Starting with the videos format, they are in a title shape and users can scroll to see the video they like, which is a good thing as its counterpart does not offer this feature.

To conclude, the user interface of Roposo is certainly unique as it offers content from different genres right from the main menu, so that you do not have to take extra steps to find out the videos you like. The Chingari app, on the other hand, offers a titles view, which makes it easier for users to scroll through different videos without playing them. Mitron is not that great, to be honest, and it looks like a cheap copy of TikTok.

Mitron vs Roposo vs Chingari vs TikTok: Features

Coming to the features, all the applications have some interesting things to offer. To start with Mitron, it comes with basic features to customise the videos. You have an option to add audio in the video, but it is limited. Apart from limited video editing features, the app does not provide any unique features to its users.

TikTok, on the other hand, has a host of interesting features. Users can choose from hundreds of effects including changing background, adding AR Emojis and more. Furthermore, it also provides some good options for editing the video before posting it to the platform. You can opt to increase the video speed, use different filters and more.

Roposo app has some interesting video editing features. The app offers a variety of filters and it has some effects as well. Users can choose from the manifold, daydream, Mini Party and more to enhance their videos. Furthermore, like TikTok, you can also record videos at different speeds, add stickers and more. One unique feature it offers is the Roposo coins. Users will get coins for each video they post. Furthermore, a user can get 5000 coins if their post gets featured in the Roposo Star Channel. The coins can be then exchanged for cash. 10,000 Roposo coins are equivalent to Rs 10. One can redeem it to Paytm.

Moving on, Chingari also offers some basic video-editing features. Users can record videos at different speeds and one can also apply some filters and add Audio in the video. However, the whole interface is a bit buggy. For example, when you search for audio, it does not show any results. The good thing about this app is that it is available in regional languages. Interestingly, all other apps feature regional language support.

Users can choose between Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, Odiya, English, Malayalam and Punjabi. Another interesting feature of Chingari is the Game Zone. Users can play different games different from the application without needing it to install on their smartphone. This is a good addition to the app. There is also a News section, though it is not currently active. Furthermore, one can play quizzes and more to earn coins that can be redeemed for cash.

Mitron vs Roposo vs Chingari vs TikTok: Conclusion

The short video-making applications come with a host of interesting features. The Mitron app is our least favourite application among the others as the UI is not that great and it does not offer some unique features. TikTok is already banned and it is not working in India at the moment.

The real competition is between Roposo and Chingari. Both applications provide you with unique features. With Roposo, we found out that finding videos of different genres is quite easy and you can also earn money by posting your videos on the platform. On the other hand, Chingari stresses on other things as well. The addition of the Game Zone and News section is a brilliant move from the company as it will help users to spend more time on this application.

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