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Microsoft Excel is getting new automation features making formulas easier

Microsoft has announced the rollout of a new set of features for Excel users on Web such as Formula suggestions.


  • Microsoft Excel for Web is getting new automation features
  • Microsoft is making autocomplete more advance for Excel users

Microsoft Excel has started getting a new set of features making autocomplete even more powerful. The company is adding a bunch of new automation features to its web-based spreadsheet software, Excel. With the addition of these new features, Excel would now be able to complete some formulas automatically, thereby eliminating the need for manual intervention.

According to a blog post from Microsoft, Formula Suggestions, which is one of the new features in Excel, can automatically suggest you a formula you can apply after you enter a symbol, based on the data around it. For instance, if you type the ‘equal to’ sign into a cell, Excel for web will try to intelligently suggest what type of formula you should be using.

Microsoft says that the feature currently only works in English, and will suggest sum, average, count, counta, min, and max formulas. Next, Excel web users can make use of another one of the new features called ’Formula by Example’ which can automatically detect patterns in data and fill out the rest of a column.

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Some other new features that are being added include suggested links, IMAGE function, and a new search bar in the queries pane. For Windows users, a new keyboard shortcut is available to open the Power Query editor, and Insiders users on Windows can now get data from dynamic arrays and create nested Power Query data types to better organise your data.

The blog post goes on to mention that the new features are now rolling out to Excel for Web. The rollout might be a phased one meaning it may or may not have reached your account. In case its the second scenario for you, you will have to wait until Microsoft enables the autocomplete features for your account.

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