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Microsoft Copilot Beta Now Available On Telegram: How To Use?

Microsoft has rolled out Copilot chatbot on Telegram in beta so you can have conversations with it directly through the chat app.

Microsoft has a number of entry points for accessing its chatbot Copilot, such as its Bing app, dedicated Microsoft Copilot app, Swiftkey keyboard, and more. The company appears to be testing a new entry point for the chatbot by introducing the Copilot Beta as a bot on Telegram, allowing users to interact with it directly through the chat app.

First spotted by users on X, the Copilot Beta can be accessed via both Telegram on and alongside on Telegram for Web. Microsoft has also made a microsite detailing the features of Copilot Beta on Telegram while stating, “Meet your new everyday AI companion: Copilot, powered by GPT, now on Telegram. Engage in seamless conversations, access information, and enjoy a smarter chat experience, all within Telegram.”

As Microsoft explains via its own website, “Copilot is a personal generative AI assistant powered by GPT model and Bing Search, available within Telegram. Copilot for Telegram uses natural language to provide responses on a range of topics, from seeking knowledge to travel tips to sports updates to movie recommendations. Let Copilot enhance your Telegram experience with its quick-witted assistance and endless curiosity.”

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Copilot for Telegram is currently in beta and is also free for all users. Essentially, it is the same chatbot experience as Microsoft’s own app, but via the Telegram for added convenience for regular users of the chat app. You can chat and ask questions to Copilot on Telegram the same way as you would via Microsoft’s own app, be it creative questions, queries, or anything else.

In our experience, the chatbot works without any issues while the responses are quick and accurate for the most part.

How To Use Copilot On Telegram?

Step 1

Open Telegram on whatever operating system you want to. Be it Android, iOS, Windows, or macOS. Tap on the search bar, and type “@CopilotOfficialBot”. Alternatively, you can click on this link.

Step 2

Copilot on telegram

Now, tap on the “Start” button. When it prompts, accept the terms and agreement.

Step 3

Next up, you’ll have to share your phone number with the chatbot to begin using Copilot on Telegram.

Step 4

Once you have sent your contact and shared your phone number with the bot, you are now ready to use Microsoft’s AI companion on Telegram.

This was how you can access Copilot on Telegram. The chatbot is in beta phase as of now and has a usage limit of 30 queries a day.

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