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Meta Is Working On AI Earbuds That’ll Have Cameras

Meta is seemingly working on a new type of earbuds that’ll not only have AI support but will also have cameras built in.

Meta, like all other big corporations, is working on bringing to the world through different formats. It seems like the Zuckerberg-lead Meta is now experimenting with a new kind of earbuds that will not only have in-built AI support but will also have cameras so it can see and interact with the outside world through vision capabilities.

According to a report from ‘The Information’, sources familiar with the development have told the publication that the AI-powered audio devices would be capable of identifying objets and will have the ability to translate foreign languages in real time. The device is currently being called ‘Camerabuds’ internally.

The report further adds that to explore the potential of this new type of wearable tech, Meta has collaborated with Ear Micro, a Kansas-based electronics company specialising in “smart” earphones. It is also unclear whether these will be over-the-ear headphones or in-ear earbuds.

At the moment, the Meta is also facing some challenges with these AI earbuds, such as long hair obstructing the view of the camera and overheating concerns as well. Aside from that, there are privacy concerns as well surrounding the use of cameras on such type of wearable devices.

Meta is known for experimenting with AI wearables

Meta is a known organisation in the world of AI and has some products that have caught the attention of general consumers and tech enthusiasts alike. One of them is the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses that launched earlier last year which also had cameras and got Meta AI support later on. Meta was also experimenting with smartwatches employing dual cameras at one point of time but reports later on claimed that the company had stopped the development on that project.

Potential Competitors

Earbuds with AI built into them aren’t new. We have seen such products in the past with the most recent example being Nothing and CMF audio products set to receive ChatGPT voice mode support as soon as next week.

As a result, Meta will have stiff competition if it decides to land into the segment with its own AI earbuds with the major differentiator being camera support. While current generation earbuds may have AI support, they do not have cameras. However, that doesn’t mean only Meta is working on such an audio product. Some reports have suggested earlier that even Apple is testing earbuds with cameras but details for that project are scarce.

Whatever the case may be, it would be interesting to see how this new innovation in the field of audio wearables pans out for Meta and its competitors. As exciting as it may sound, we feel its still a long way to go before we see any major announcements regarding earbuds that have both AI and a camera.

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