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Legendary iPhone hacker, George Hotz, resigns from Twitter

George Hotz, the hacker know for carrier unlocking iPhones, jailbreaking PS3, has announced his resignation from Twitter.


  • George Hotz has resigned from his Twitter internship
  • George Hotz is known for hacking the iPhone
  • George Hotz was hired by Twitter back in November

George Hotz, a known name in the world of hacking, has resigned from Twitter. Hotz was the first person to carrier-unlock an iPhone and jailbreak the PS3. Hotz announced his resignation from the Twitter internship on December 20, Tuesday. He feels he wouldn’t make a real impact during his job, even if he continues.

“Appreciate the opportunity, but didn’t think there was any real impact I could make there,” he wrote in a tweet. He also said it was “sad” to see his GitHub “withering.” As a recall for Hotz’s history with Twitter, he was offered to join the company on November 16th after he voiced support for CEO Elon Musk’s proclamation that the company would need to be extremely hardcore.

Then on November 18, Hotz confirmed he is working for Twitter officially. On November 22, he said Elon Musk tasked him to fix the Twitter search and the popup you might see while you scroll Twitter without logging in to the platform. He also said that he had 12 weeks to complete the tasks.

On December 20, George Hotz posted a poll on Twitter, similar to the one Elon posted a while back, asking if he should step down as a Twitter intern and that he would abide by the result of the poll. While the poll said that he shouldn’t leave Twitter, Hotz posted a tweet this morning that he has resigned from Twitter and is now focusing once again on his coding. Despite leaving the company, Hotz says he is rooting for the success of Twitter 2.0.

Talking of Twitter 2.0, a bunch of new features are planned for the next big update to the platform. Advertising will now be a part of entertainment, so its a win-win situation for both advertisers and users. Next, the company will be focusing more on videos with presumably improved quality and higher length limits. A host of other features are being worked upon too.

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