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Just turn Nokia phones to silence calls

Users can also snooze alarms using this control, so they do not need to look for the control when they are feeling sleepy in the morning. They can just turn over the Nokia phone and steal some more sleep.

Even those, who live their life with Nokia phones all the time, cannot claim for sure that they know all the features of their handset. Chances are that you may have missed to identify the presence of ‘Turning Control’ feature in the Nokia phones.

Turning control asks the phone to perform a specific action, just by turning the phone over. Thus the users are spared the need to find the correct button for the task.
On most Nokia devices, the turning control is used to switch screens from ‘Portrait Mode’ to ‘Landscape Mode’ and is switched on by default. For other controls, the users need to go through the following path on their phones: Menu > Settings > Phone > Sensor Settings > Turning Control.

Two other options available for the users are Silence Calls and Snoozing alarms. For example, if the users are in a meeting and have forgotten to silence the phones, somebody may call them and it may turn out to be quite embarrassing. If you have enabled the Turning Control function, you just need to turn the phone with screen facing downwards to silence it.

The alarm can be snoozed off in the same way. So when the users are rudely awakened by phone in the morning, they need not fumble with the phone looking for the right button. They can just turn the phone and the alarm is snoozed.

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