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JioPages vs Google Chrome: Which one is better?

Jio Pages is a browser that has replaced Jio Browser and is coming out to be a great competitor for Chrome.

Jio has launched its latest made-in-India browser, the JioPages which replaces the Jio Browser. The new browser has some nice features up its sleeves but it does it compare with the top player, Google Chrome. Let’s have a look.


JioPages Chrome menu

With the design perspective, both the browsers differ significantly. While chrome has a menu up top on the right, the Jio Pages has the option on the bottom right.

Where chrome shows the options in a list view, Jio Pages shows the settings menu in a grid style with various icons so you can identify the setting easily.

JioPages Chrome Home Tab

Both of them also have a similar home tab where they show you recommendations based on your taste and what sites you visit. The of the Home Tabs on both of them is also pretty similar.

JioPages Chrome Tabs

When coming to Tabs UI, both the browsers have a similar design for the Tabs menu but Chrome’s tab menu keeps on changing with various versions so we never know when we might get to see a new grid styled Tab UI or some other in Google Chrome.

Where you can enter incognito in Chrome through the top right menu, the Jio Pages has an option right below the Tabs which saves you from an extra click in Chrome where you first have to open the menu and then go to incognito.


Performance & Features

JioPages Incognito

Both the browsers have their own set of features. A nice feature which Jio Pages has is the ability to set a or fingerprint before opening an incognito window which seems to be missing in Chrome. This feature can be a useful one when needed.

JioPages Chrome Settings

Both the browsers have AdBlockers which we still need to observe regarding the performance of both and how aggressively both of them block ads.

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Jio Pages and Chrome both have dark and light themes but in Jio Pages, the Dark theme dims the brightness of the browser pretty significantly which makes it difficult to spot things whereas on chrome nothing changes except the colour being changed to grey which is how it should be.

JioPages Theme

The browsers have many features in common such as saving passwords and card details for easy access in future, changing default search engine, ask for download location every time a user downloads a file, download manager, etc.

One thing worth noting here is that Jio Pages offers only 3 options for changing the default search engine while Chrome offers 5 so you have more flexibility in chrome.

Coming to the performance, both the browsers feel snappy when going to websites. We didn’t face any issues while loading websites on Jio Pages and the performance on both seems to be almost the same.

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The verdict here is that both the browsers have much in common as Jio Pages is also based on Chromium blink, but Jio Pages has some additional features like the AdBlocker Plus, PIN and Biometric protection for Incognito Window which Chrome doesn’t include.

And most importantly, it is a made in India browser which is definitely a plus point.

We can say that Jio Pages is definitely a worthy competitor for Chrome and a great alternative for people who are looking to switch browsers.

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