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JioMotive GPS tracker launched: Everything you need to know

Jio has launched the JioMotive GPS tracker for four wheeler vehicles in India. Here’s what all it has to offer.

Jio has been foraying into new segments for increasing its offerings and the value it provides to its users in India. After launching an Apple AirTag-like tracker a few months back, Jio has now launched a tracker for vehicles in India, dubbed as JioMotive. What is it exactly and what are its features? Let’s have a look.

JioMotive: Price in India

The JioMotive gets a price tag of Rs 4,999 in India and is available for purchase on Amazon, Reliance Digital, and Jio.com.

JioMotive: What is it, Features

JioMotive is a Plug and Play GPS trackers for your four-wheeler vehicles. What is a GPS tracker, you may ask. A GPS tracking device is a portable unit that allows users to monitor and track its location. These devices are most commonly used in vehicles for users to know the whereabouts of their vehicles.

JioMotive does the same, along with other features. It allows for Real-time vehicle tracking along with Geo and Time fencing. Users can create geo-fences of any shape and receive instant alerts when their car enters or exits the user-defined area. They can also set time fences to receive alerts when the car is used outside of pre-defined hours.

Then there’s car health monitoring present as well. The JioMotive device can provide alerts for over 100 different diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) for early detection of any problems in your vehicle. Next, the JioMotive device supports analysis of driver’s driving behaviour to provide insights on how the fuel efficiency was during a particular or trip, or if harsh braking or acceleration was performed during the trip. This can help users to improve their driving habits.

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The device also supports Wi-Fi, meaning it can create a hotspot for you to connect to, and access internet wherever you go. There are other security alerts through which the device can notify you if anyone tries to remove it, tries to tow your car, or potential theft alerts. It can also notify the user in case of an unforeseen accident.

The device has a 10-second and has an easy setup process where user can install it on their own in their vehicle. It connects to your phone via the JioThings for all sorts of customisations and notifications. At it’s price, the JioMotive GPS tracker does look like a value for money deal. Most other trackers do not offer hotspot service and if they do, they are priced higher than Jio’s GPS tracker.

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