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iPhone 13 Pro Max Diary, Day 1: The Pro is about cameras, really!

After our brief journey with the iPhone 13 mini, it is now time to move to the other end of the iPhone spectrum in terms of both size and price – the iPhone 13 Pro Max. So welcome to the first day of the iPhone 13 Pro Max Diary. For the case of simplicity, I will be referring to the phone just as “Max” henceforth.

If the difference in terms of design between the iPhone 13 mini and the iPhone 12 mini was tiny, the difference in appearance between the 13 Max and the 12 Max is even smaller – it is impossible to tell the phones apart really. Even the cameras are placed in the same manner on the back. And height (160.8 mm) and the width (78.1 mm) are exactly the same. The 13 Max is a little thicker than the 12 Max, though – 7.65 mm as compared to 7.4 mm, and is actually even heavier – 238 grammes to 226 grammes.

That makes it almost one of the heaviest phones in the segment. It is sleekly designed and looks good (we have the Sierra Blue variant), but there is no doubting that this is a big, heavy phone. It is the polar opposite of the iPhone 13 mini. If that was made to be used with one hand, this is clearly meant to be used with two.

In terms of broad design and specs, the 13 Pro Max does not go too far from the 12 Max. The display is the same size (6.7 inches) and has the same 2778 x 1284 and is a true tone display. It is brighter than its predecessor (1000 nits as against 800 nits) but brightness was not a problem with 12 Max. A major difference between the phones is in terms of processor – the 13 Max has the new A15 Bionic, and what’s more also has more cores in its as compared to the 13 and 13 mini. Battery life is also supposed to be better.

But perhaps the biggest change is supposed to be in terms of cameras. Yes, the set up is the same – three 12 cameras on the back, a main, an ultrawide and a telephoto, as well as a 12 megapixel shooter in front. But this is Apple and the iPhone, so the story extends well beyond those specs. The rear cameras have bigger which we are told will totally change low light photography and well, there is the cinematic mode in videos with the cameras blurring out backgrounds automatically and intelligently. There are also several improvements in the cameras, which many claim will redefine mobile photography.

Which is why we are going to focus on the camera performance of the iPhone 13 Pro Max in this diary. Everything else seems to be pretty much on point. But the big thing about this big phone seem to be the cameras. So stay tuned to know more about what some claim are the best cameras on a phone in future entries in our iPhone 13 Pro Max diary.

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