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By: Rahul Gupta, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : August 16, 2018 7:39 pm

See your idea turn in to a patent and all the expenses related to that will be paid by Nokia, promises the handset maker to its audience across the world.
Nokia, in order to unite the minds of its 1.4 billion users across the globe, has announced the launch of its unique initiative called "Invent With Nokia".

Under this initiative, users and thinkers are required to submit their invention to Nokia. If selected, Nokia will award a really handsome sum to the person whose invention or design is chosen for the patent.

"If you have a genuinely useful and innovative idea that could be turned into a product or service by Nokia — whether or not you are a full time inventor — imagine the feeling of having your vision realized by a company such as Nokia that can make it happen," said Nokia through its official blog on the occasion of the launch of invent with Nokia.

"To submit your idea, you will need to register over at and provide us with non-confidential information about your idea or invention," it added.
All the users need to do is register themselves at the website and submit their invention or idea along with a four month non disclosure agreement.

Nokia will decide to go ahead with the invention or else the same will be conveyed to the user. If selected, Nokia will get the invention patented and will give a cash prize to the person presenting the idea.

The new concept is an innovative way of employing users from around the world to do thinking for Nokia and doing something for the other billion users.

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