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Intel Atom tablets to have Android

Intel, which has so far pledged support for its own operating system MeeGo, is moving towards accepting Android 3.0 as the main OS for tablets.

Majority of Intel Atom base tablets will have 3.0 operating system, an indication that Intel is not pushing for Meego (which is built by Intel and Nokia) as it has lost Nokia to Windows Phone 7.

Intel chief executive officer Paul Otellini said, “We’re actively doing the port for Android 3.0 and my sense is that the bulk of the units this year will be Android.” He said this during the conference call after announcing the quarterly results.

He also added, “Intel will be focusing on mobile operators who want their own devices and also on handset manufacturers.”

Intel which has so far expressed support for Meego but now it seems that market reality has downed upon Intel and it has accepted that if Atom based processors have to succeed in tablet space it had to support Android in a big way.

However having said that it is not yet clear whether Intel will completely dump MeeGo or it will continue with its development. With the developer activities that Intel is promoting it might be in a mood to call it quits for Meego so soon.

With Intel going the Android way, the OS will become all the more formidable, as Intel will be launching low power consuming dual core Medfield chips soon. This will bring Android tablets that will be much more compelling and will be able to challenge Apple’s domination in the space.

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