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Imax Enhanced: A new experience or a gimmick?

Is the new Imax enhanced format worth the buzz or is it just a marketing gimmick?

They say watching a movie in an Imax Theatre is not just movie watching, its an experience and which is claimed by many to be true!With its humungous screen, the stretches to all four walls which is slightly curved inwards coupled with their state of the art dual 4k projection technology, it’s a visual treat. The cherry on top you ask? Is the incredible multi-channel surround sound system that engulfs you and produces the richest vocals, life-like surround audio and thunderous, ground-shattering bass that will give you goosebumps and spike your adrenaline and put you in the centre of the action.

A movie that can be viewed in the Imax format needs to be shot on an Imax camera and be coupled with a screen to match that unconventional, squarish aspect ratio. Movie halls had to be reconstructed to meet these requirements and so you could only experience Imax format in select theatres.

Imax knows about this limitation and is planning to address this by bringing the Imax experience to homes with the new Imax Enhanced format.

imax enhanced

So what exactly is Imax Enhanced?

It’s Imax’s way of bringing the gold standard of movie-watching via streaming and Blu-ray combined with some smart digital remastering of movies to give you the best audio and visual experience in the comfort of your home. Movies with the Imax Enhanced certification will have that screen-filling aspect ratio with a 4k resolution and custom calibrated HDR with the sound front taken care by DTSx audio codec.

One will need Imax enhanced AV equipment to view this format and the list currently has the sony A9G (₹299900), A9F (₹429900), A8H, A8G (₹249900) and Z9F with the new TCL 8K supporting this format too! On the AV receiver’s side, companies like Denon with their AVR-X4500H, AVR-X6500H, and the AVC-X8500H currently available in India for ₹133,099,₹230,000 and ₹277,777 respectively.

Is it the Imax Experience or just a gimmick?

Well if you are expecting proper Imax like experience at your home, then you will be disappointed as its physically impossible.

Imax Enhanced will never come close to a real Imax experience due to sheer physical limitations but that said Imax Enhanced might heighten your home movie watching experience with their innovation and advance AV technology combined with their years of the cinema experience and you might already have equipment that might be Imax enhanced certified!

It will offer a different approach and experience unlike the conventional home movie watching scenario and it will do it for the best.

Imax Enhanced doesn’t seem like a gimmick but a different approach to movie-watching that adds up to a different experience and is worth your time and money if you want to experience the best home theatre experience.

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