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IBM and ARM to improve smartphone battery life

As consumer demand for high power in small devices increases, designing the processor is becoming increasingly challenging.

To address this concern, ARM, a company that develops technology for digital products such as wireless, networking and entertainment devices, along with IBM, has announced that the two will join hands to develop advanced semiconductor technologies to enable the rapid development of next generation mobile products optimised for performance and power efficiency.

Through this agreement ARM and IBM will develop a microchip 14 nano metre (A nano meter is one-billionth of a meter. A meter is about 39 inches long) in length. This will be smaller in size than the 32 nm chips used in smartphones nowadays.

Reducing the size of the microchip will lead to optimising density, which in turn will improve the performance and power consumption of smartphones.

Currently, a majority of smartphones and other emerging mobile devices use ARM’s Cortex mobile processors. The new collabration is likely to improve the battery life and performance of mobile processors in small devices in the future.

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