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HP launches Veer, Palm Pre3 smartphones, and TouchPad tablet

By: Other, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : August 16, 2018 7:39 pm

The company's HP Synergy technology enables users to synchronize personal data among HP's smartphones and tablet.
HP has launched three new products at a WebOS event. These are HP Veer, Palm Pre3 and a tablet called TouchPad. HP Veer is a tiny touchscreen smartphone, whereas Palm Pre3 is an extension of the existing Palm Pre series.

All these devices can sync data among each other so that users can make the transition between them smoothly.

With HP's Synergy feature, users just have to sign into their Google, Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn or Microsoft Exchange accounts and the information will populate the phone or the TouchPad tablet itself, and will be updated continuously, which means users don't need to make extra effort to access their email, or other social site information.

While other companies build larger smartphones, HP has gone compact with Veer. The device has all the power of a regular smartphone, but is smaller in size. It has a sliding keypad also, as well as flash support. The company has still not disclosed the price of Veer.

HP's Palm Pre3, on the other hand, seems to be just an update to the already familiar Palm Pre, though it also has one of the largest WebOS phone keyboards yet. It has a powerful 1.4 GHz Qualcomm processor, and can shoot HD video as well. In terms of memory, 8 GB and 16 GB models are available, and connectivity options include HSPA+ 4G and Wifi.

The WebOS interface has been improved for the TouchPad, and with users being able to group tasks together, multitasking has become easier. HP says that unlike tablets, which are designed to be fun to work on, TouchPad has been designed for mobile productivity. It is meant to be a standalone product as well as a companion to the smartphone, and yes, even tablet users can access and send SMS messages from their WebOS tablet.

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