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Hardware buttons missing from next Google phone

The next Google phone is being tested on both CDMA and HSPA+, and it appears to have the front facing camera on the top left.

Google’s upcoming Nexus 3 smartphone will have no physical buttons on it and will just have a touchscreen in the front, a technology website has revealed.

The phone will use Honeycomb operating system, which is meant for tablet PCs. Honeycomb will enable the phone to work smoothly even without physical buttons.

This plan seems very much in line with Google’s vision to combine the tablet and smartphone operating systems in a single device. Users won’t need hardware buttons simply because all they need will be available on the screen itself.

The front facing camera seems to be located on the top left of the device.

The phone is reportedly being tested on both CDMA (code division multiple access) and (high speed packet access) networks.

Employees of the internet giant had made statements about the phone at the Google I/O conference concluded recently. At that time, the name of LG was doing the rounds of the internet, whereas this leak mentions HTC as the possible manufacturer of Nexus 3.

The first Google Nexus One was made by HTC, whereas the second model Google Nexus S was produced by Samsung.

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