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Haier launches new range of Magic Convertible Big Bottom Mounted Refrigerators

The new refrigerators are now available in the market with 10 years of assured warranty on the compressor and fan motor.

Haier India has unveiled 17 new variants of Big Bottom Mounted Refrigerators in 3 and 4-star range. The toughened glass shelved refrigerators will be available in 346L and 376L capacity. The refrigerators come in a wide colour range – steel, glass, and floral finish.

The new range comes with attractive colourful glass door patterns such as black, mirror, ocean, and rainbow. The floral edition consists of unique flower designs available in attractive colors like Green Tropical and Marine Tropical to suit the décor of the household. The line-up also includes plain designs such as brush-line Silver and Inox Steel.

The new refrigerators are now available in the market with 10 years of assured warranty on the compressor and fan motor at the below-mentioned prices (MRP):

Glass Range:

HRB-3664POG-E- 59900

HRB-3664PRG-E- 59900




HRB-3964POG-E- 64100

HRB-3964PRG-E- 64100

HRB-3964PMG-E- 64100

HRB-3964PKG-E- 64100

HRB-3965PMG-E- 67300

Floral Series:

HRB-3664BMT-E- 56700

HRB-3664BGT-E- 56700

HRB-3964BMT-E- 61000


Plain Variants:

HRB-3664BS-E- 53000

HRB-3664CIS-E- 55100

HRB-3964CIS-E- 59400

The new range comes with a separate fruit box, 2L bottle storage, and a base drawer to maintain hygiene levels with ample amount of space, keeping fruits and vegetables odorless and fresh. Furthermore, they alsO come with Haier’s iconic One Hour Icing Technology.

Designed keeping in mind Haier’s unique ‘Jhukna Mat’ concept, the new BMRs come with the more-used refrigerator section at the top while the less-used freezer section is mounted at the bottom. This helps in reducing bending up to 90% while also providing easy visibility of the stored food along with two-times bigger vegetable box for more storage.

The new additions to Haier’s BMR – Bottom Mounted Refrigerator series flaunt the all-new magic convertible series that allows temperature to be controlled between a wide range of +9⁰C to -24⁰C to cater to the unique requirements of different food items for retaining their freshness and nutrition for longer duration.

Different foods have different temperature requirements for storage. Not all foods are best stored at the exact same temperature. And even though the ideal temperatures for different foods may vary by only a few degrees, those differences can make a huge impact on flavor, freshness and texture. Designed to cater storage requirements of different food items, the magic convertible technology helps in converting the refrigerator to 14 modes.

Haier’s Magic Convertible feature allows precise temperature control by every degree to store food items ranging from chicken, seafood to desserts and ice creams, cereals and vegetables – at a favorable temperature.

This unique feature is enabled by Haier’s Advanced Triple Inverter Technology that also allows more energy savings and reduces noise. Moreover, the innovative Dual Fan Technology allows multiple air flow in the refrigerator to keep different food items stored in the refrigerator fresh for a longer period, while also retaining their original flavours, smells and textures.

The new range of refrigerators come fitted with a smart display that operates easily to set temperature and different modes. In addition, the refrigerator can be set on Holiday mode, to keep the users tension-free on holidays. Moreover, the ‘connect home inverter’ feature sets up a connection with the home inverter automatically during power cuts to ensure continuous cooling.

Commenting on the launch, Eric Braganza, President, Haier Appliances India said, “At Haier India, We aim to provide our consumers with innovative products powered by cutting-edge technology that makes their lives convenient as well as complement their lifestyles. In line with our motto of ‘Inspired Living’, our new line-up of Big Bottom Mount Refrigerators provides the customers with the option of choosing multiple modes of cooling as per their requirements while reducing the bending to up to 90%. We value our customers and hence, our focus has always been to provide the best products and service without compromising on space, style, technology, and energy savings. By adding these 17 new variants of magic convertible refrigerators to our existing range, we are expanding our series of aesthetically designed products that match the evolving needs and requirements of our customers.”

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