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Google to fight piracy in a unique way

Now search results with pirated content will be pushed towards the end while more legitimate results will appear right on top.

Google search results will soon be programmed to curb piracy. Record companies all over the globe have been asking Google to take some constructive steps towards curbing piracy and with these changes Google certainly hopes to reduce it substantially.

According to the new measure suggested by Google, its search will employ special algorithms that will promote legitimate searches to the top of the page while pushing pirated content and potential piracy websites towards the end of the search, thereby highlighting and promoting more legitimate ways to purchase or rent out digital content rather than promoting piracy.
Google to fight piracy
“The new system will use removal notices, or complaints from entertainment companies, that a website has received in ranking search results, based on those the ranking of the pages or websites will be affected thereby reducing their appearance in the search results and lowering their ranking as well,” Amit Singhal, senior vice president for engineering, said on a company blog.

Although the results will be demoted they will not be removed from the search entirely. The removal of the search result will only take place when someone sends a copyright violation notice to the company.

The new search policy is likely to come in effect from next month onwards and once implemented it will definitely be a long step towards fighting piracy.

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