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Google+ app for iPhone soon

Native app for Google+ social network looks to be under development and will be launched for the iPhone in the coming months.

Google+, the new social networking application, arrived with much bustle. Now the Google+ Mobile page suggests that the internet giant is working on a native Google+ application for Apple iOS.

Similar to Facebook Google+ allows users to share images, videos, links and locations with their friends as well as with the general public. Groups are named as ‘Circles’ and users can group chat within ‘Huddles’.

The is available for Android devices running version 2.1 or above. At this moment, Google+ social network is also available on a majority of mobile platforms as a web app.

On the Google Mobile page, the new Google+ native mobile app is listed as ‘Coming Soon’ for Apple iOS. There is no information on whether it will be available for Windows Phone, BlackBerry or Symbian platforms.

In the past, Google apps (its Voice App in particular) faced rejection on Apple’s App Store. But post the FTC’s (Federal Trade Commission) probe into Google-Apple tie ups, Apple has relaxed the App Store approval process. Post that, Google has rolled out a couple of applications for the iPhone, iPod touch and also the iPad platforms. At this moment millions of users are still getting used to yet another social network by Google and many are evaluating its merits and demerits over others.

Group chat for devices is already available through iMessage, which was released with iOS 5.0 earlier this year. However, the Google+ group chat, called Huddle, will let users connect and interact with groups of people who need not have an iOS device.

But with iMessage getting so much attention, it is hard to believe if iOS users would be interested in using Huddle.

It is indeed too early to comment much about the potential of Google+ and if it picks up then Huddle might be the Android’s response to BlackBerry’s Messenger and Apple’s iOS iMessage services.

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