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Gift Ideas for Valentine’s day, go with these gadgets this year

Who said Valentine's had to be about chocolates and roses? We bet these gadgets could do a great job of making it a great day for you

If you are still wondering what to buy for your Valentine, and bored with all the usual stuff like chocolates, perfumes and flowers, then fret not. We have a few options for you that could be as fail-safe as any when it comes to putting a smile on your partner’s face. And the best part? These are not just for men or women. Both the sexes should enjoy these, so go ahead, and make a choice. In no particular order of our preference, these are gadgets for every budget and taste. Which will work even better if you really know your valentine well?

a) Starting off, the year is yet new, and those resolutions for exercising and more are probably long buried already. So how about giving your partner a Fitness band? From Fitbit’s fitness tracker and sleep wristband to Xiaomi’s fitness tracker to GoQii’s trackers with personal coaching, when it comes to fitness bands, you have a really huge variety to choose from, right from Rs 1,000 to Rs 12,000 plus. And each will do the job you need, at one level or another. So if a healthy life is what you wish for your partner, go ahead and buy them this.

b) The Amazon Echo. While it’s early days yet, and the Echo is still learning to be really useful for Indian audiences, the fact remains that the Echo is a hugely trendy, and fascinating companion at home. With new additions, all the time, from radio stations to a library of songs and much more like alarms, weather reports etc, the Amazon Echo, or its smaller cousin, the Echo Dot, will make for a memorable gift this year. Ranging from Rs 4,499 for the Dot to Rs 9999 for the Echo, these futuristic boxes will be one way to bring the future to your partner in an interesting, ‘wow’ sort of way.

c) The Fujifilm Instax Mini camera. Probably tilted towards the ladies, but this camera ticks off all the boxes for cute, and while doing that, packs in enough utility to appeal to your value seeking self too.The new Mini 9 range has an added feature to thrill, the selfie mirror, besides a close-up lens. Of course, the best part remains its ability to cough out prints of the pictures you take, for you to make a somewhat more permanent memory of your time together. A great accompaniment for those really special moments together or even in groups. Take a hard look at this one we suggest, for it will definitely not lose you any marks for not trying to be different.

d) If it’s a gift for a selfie lover, then how about an upgrade to their smartphone? This could work really well, provided you have the budget, and the recipient is actually usually a not so great phone so far. Oppo and Vivo, the chinese twins both tout their selfie-taking abilities in their smartphones and not surprisingly, both have some interesting options for you. From the Oppo F5, to the Vivo V7,or even the Honor 9i or Galaxy Redmi Y1, if the budget is a constraint, gifting a really solid selfie phone to upgrade your partner’s existing phone could be huge, and the goodwill could last well beyond Valentine’s day next year!

e) Finally, if you are serious about your gift, but the budget still worries you, you might want to look at getting your partner some quality headphones. Assuming there is the slightest love for music there. Because a really great set could be real friends for the ears, and actually make a passing interest turn into an active listener. With a range of headphones out there, from basic to Bose speakers, the choice really is endless, and you should go with what you can afford. But it’s Valentine’s, so whatever you plan to spend, go 20% over your budget if you take this one. With headphones, we always find that this works. And with Valentines, that’s what matters, doesn’t it?

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