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Facebook insecurities

Facebook has decided to share users' address and contact data with advertisers for better targeted ads. The social networking website even takes user consent; but are subscribers even aware of this?

Facebook has posted on its blog that it will allow third party developers access to users’ home addresses and cell phone numbers.

On the surface it appears that data will be accessed by third party developers only if users agree to share it. While installing a new app, users are asked whether they are comfortable with sharing information, but in their hurry to install the app, they often overlook the conditions put forward by the developers and give their consent without considering the implications of their actions.

There are already rogue applications galore on Facebook, spamming users in multiple ways. Some of these get people to share their phone numbers by asking them to sign up for a service. The process of accessing personal information will become easier than ever for developers who may then sell the data thus collected to marketing and cold calling companies.

Users can make sure their data is not compromised by making their Facebook profile more private. Some users defend Facebook saying the information may be used for delivering purchased items without websites having to bother users for their address time and again.

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