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BlackBerry brings differential updates

BlackBerry PlayBook gets differential updates that help you save data costs.

BlackBerry Playbook users have another reason to rejoice as Research In Motion has just announced a software upgrade for the tablet OS. The software – v1.0.7.2942 &#151 brings a new differential updates-feature to the tablet.

The differential updates feature allows users to update only those sections of the BlackBerry tablet that require updating. This should result in smaller download file sizes and therefore faster updating. Besides, it will also reduce download costs.

WiFi connectivity to WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) networks has also been updated to provide improved security. The update ensures faster pairing between a BlackBerry smartphone and the PlayBook tablet via the BlackBerry Bridge app.

To make full use of the BlackBerry PlayBook update, RIM has rolled out an update of the BlackBerry Bridge as well. Users are advised to install it on the smartphone as well for maximum compatibility. The update can be located in App World or can also be searched through this link.

BlackBerry PlayBook tablet users must already have BlackBerry tablet OS v1.0.7.2670 installed to experience differential updates. If you still have to update your device you can follow this link to do so.

Existing users can upgrade the OS of their BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to v1.0.7.2942 over the air or they can locate the update using this link. Users buying the BlackBerry PlayBook following the update will be prompted to automatically install the update on their device.

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