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Apple Watch almost got support for Android but it didn’t: Here’s why

Apple Watch was this close to get support for Android but in a classic Apple fashion, the company scrapped the plan.

Apple Watch has been the ultimate smartwatch companion for iPad and iPhone users where the Californian manufacturer unleashes a new model every year. However, a new report states that Apple also had plans to make Apple Watch supported by but cancelled those at the last minute.

The report from Bloomberg says that Apple was working on making it’s watch and its Health compatible with Android under the project named as ‘Project Fennel’. Apple wanted to enter the markets where it had little share via the Apple Watch for Android, which could potentially open up new opportunities for the company.

‘Project Fennel’ was nearing completion when Apple made a U-turn on it’s decision and scrapped it. A source close to the matter told Bloomberg the reason behind the move, stating, “If you gave up the watch to Android, you would dilute the watch’s value to the iPhone.”

In other words, Apple wanted to make sure that the Apple Watch stays exclusive to iPhones, as one could affect the sales of others in a positive way, making it a classic Apple Ecosystem move. Fortunately, there are options on the Android side as well that are as good as an Apple Watch, such as the Pixel Watch, Galaxy Watch, TicWatch and more.

Blood Pressure Monitoring, Sleep Apnea detection in works

Apple has been working tirelessly on improving the Apple Watch experience for iPhones and next year won’t be an exception in terms of Apple’s efforts. A separate report from the same publication states that Apple is working on a new sensor to detect when a person’s blood pressure is elevated. This feature will debut on the Apple Watch in 2024.

“The initial system won’t show a user their exact systolic and diastolic measurements, but the company is working on a follow-up version for later that could”, read the report. In addition, Apple Watch will also be able to monitor a person’s sleeping and breathing habits to predict if a person has Sleep Apnea. The 2024 Apple Watch is also supposed to get a redesign, as previously reported. Lastly, many other health features are also in development at Apple.

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