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Apple Ring in Making: Samsung Ring May Take The Lead

Samsung recently gave us a glimpse of its upcoming Smart Ring and it seems like Apple is working on one too.

Samsung and Apple are known for their fierce rivalry in the smartphone market, but they may soon face off in a new arena: smart rings. Both tech giants are reportedly working on wearable devices that can be worn on the finger and offer various features such as health tracking, wireless payments, and device control. While Samsung’s Ring is close to release and officially announced, rumours are floating about the Apple Ring.

Samsung has already teased its Galaxy Ring at its Galaxy S24 series launch event in January 2024 and is expected to unveil it at its Unpacked event in July 2024. The Galaxy Ring is said to be an AI-powered wellness device that can measure ECG, blood flow, and other vital signs. It is also rumoured to support wireless payments and smart home control functions. The Galaxy Ring will be available in eight sizes and three different finishes.

On the other hand, Apple has been more secretive about its smart ring project, allegedly called the Apple Ring or maybe the iRing. As per the latest report from ETNews, Apple is speeding up the development of the Apple Ring by filing patents related to smart rings.

According to the patents, the Apple Ring could have a touch-enabled display, accelerometers, gyroscope, heart-rate monitor, and other sensors. It could also use short-range wireless communication to control smartphones, tablets, and other devices. In November 2023, a patent was submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the electronic system used in the smart ring. “It seems likely that commercialisation is imminent,” a quote from an industry insider said in the translated ETNews report.

In contrast, Samsung’s patents filed for the Galaxy Ring also suggest some of its features. The Galaxy Ring will also work with other Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy S24 smartphones and the Galaxy XR glasses. Samsung has filed a patent that shows how the Galaxy Ring can be used to control the XR glasses with finger gestures, allowing for more precise and intuitive interaction in virtual and augmented reality applications.

Why Samsung May Dominate The Smart Ring Market?

While both Samsung and Apple have a loyal fan base and a strong reputation in the wearable market, Samsung may have an over Apple in the smart ring segment. Samsung has already shown a glimpse of its Galaxy Ring, while Apple has not confirmed or denied its existence. This also gives Samsung the first mover advantage it also had in the foldables segment, where it will get more consumer feedback based on which it can perfect its products by the time Apple releases its Smart Ring.

Samsung also has a history of launching innovative products like the Galaxy Fold before Apple. Samsung may be able to capture the early adopters and set the standard for the smart ring category.

However, Apple should not be underestimated, as it has proven its ability to create products that appeal to the mass market and offer a seamless user experience, such as the recent launch of the Apple Vision Pro. Apple may also have some unique features or design elements that differentiate its smart ring from Samsung’s. Apple may also leverage its ecosystem of devices and services to create a more integrated and personalised experience for its smart ring users.

Samsung and Apple are likely to be the main contenders in the smart ring market, but they may also face competition from other players such as Oura, Motiv, and Amazon. The success of the smart ring products will depend on factors such as price, battery life, functionality, compatibility, and user preference.

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