Apple iPhone X users are complaining about delayed incoming calls issues

By: Rohan Pal, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : February 05, 2018 3:32 pm

Multiple users have reported that the device does not wake up for a few seconds after a call comes.

Hundreds of Apple iPhone X, the company’s most expensive iPhone, are reporting a serious bug that sometimes makes it impossible for them to answer incoming calls. Multiple users have reported that the device does not wake up for a few seconds after a call comes.


Users took Apple support forum to highlight this issue. According to some users, whenever they receive an incoming call on their iPhone X, the phone starts ringing but the screen does not wake up. The users complain the smartphone wakes up after 6 to 10 seconds before the handset begins ringing, which is enough time for the call to be diverted to voicemail instead.



A simple restart is said to temporarily address the bug, though, after few incoming calls, the same problem arises. Further, multiple users have performed a factory reset, but the results are futile. According to a report by Financial Times, Apple is looking into this matter, but there is no information available on the root cause of this issue.


This is not the first time Apple iPhone X has been marred by problems. Previously, many users have reported the appearance of a green line. As reported, the green line comes while using various social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. Even after restarting, the green line does not go away. While some said that the green line comes on the left-hand side, few others said that in their phone the green line comes on the right-hand side.


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Apple iPhone X also suffered from the screen burn issue as well. Multiple users have reported in the past about screen burn-in issue in which "if a static image is displayed for a long time it burns into the screen and you're left with a faint but persistent after-image that you can't remove."


Apple has also confirmed that some iPhone X may become unresponsive in cold weather. Reddit user YamadaPuckah first reported the problem. He said that he has been experiencing the problem in the -2 to 5 degrees Celsius temperature there.

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