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Apple grips its iPhone and iPad users with 60 apps per device

iOS app downloads are about to touch the 10 billion mark, whereas music downloads for iTunes took double the time to arrive here.

The average number of apps downloaded for every device sold stands at 60 whereas in 2008 the figure stood at 10.

These numbers were revealed in a survey conducted by Asymco, a company by a former Nokia employee. The Apple store has served about 10 billion app downloads, which seem to be more in demand than the music on iTunes is.

Asymco has found out that about 30 million apps are downloaded every day. The 60 apps per device average was arrived at by dividing total apps downloaded by total number of iOS devices that exist. The number of apps per device may actually be more because all the iPhones and iPods ever sold cannot still be in circulation.

With time, more devices will be sold, and as a result more apps will be downloaded. With music downloads, Apple reached the ten billion mark in 67 months, whereas with apps it is close to that figure in almost half the time, in only 31 months.

The apps on the iPhone or other iOS devices may work to lock the customers within the Apple ecosystem because the prospect of getting all the apps again may deter customers from moving to other platforms such as or Windows Phone 7.

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