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Amazon Music Follows Spotify’s Footsteps, Launches Maestro AI Playlist Generator

Amazon Music is releasing a new feature on its app called Maestro, which is an AI-backed playlist generator.

Spotify recently launched an AI-backed playlist generator for select regions and days after its announcement, it seems like Amazon is now doing the same with its release of Maestro in beta. Amazon says that Maestro in Amazon Music can help you create all the types of playlists you want, thanks to AI. Here’s how it works.

Maestro will allow you to create playlists with just a prompt idea—you can go for something short (or long), use emojis, emotions, activities, sounds, or choose from one of the suggested prompts. For instance, if the user inputs a robot emoji, they’ll be able to get a unique-to-them playlist that brings a selection of electronic and robot-like tracks to life. You can save the playlist, share it with friends to listen, and they can create their own to share back.

Amazon AI Playlist generator

Amazon cautions that the technology behind Maestro is new and won’t always interpret the users’ inputs correctly the first time. The company has also implemented systems to proactively block offensive language and inappropriate prompts. It’ll be applying the users’ feedback, and continue to make Maestro a safer experience for everyone.

As for availability, Maestro AI Playlist Generator is rolling out in beta to a subset of Free, Prime, and Unlimited Amazon Music customers in the U.S. on and mobile apps. Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can listen to their playlists instantly and save for later, while Prime members and ad-supported customers can listen to 30-second previews of their playlists before saving. Amazon plans to expand access to more customers eventually.

How To Use Maestro In Amazon Music?

  1. Download the latest version of the Amazon Music mobile app.
  2. Customers who are in the beta will see Maestro either on their home screen, or when they tap the plus sign where they usually create a new playlist.
  3. Talk or type your playlist idea.
  4. Tap “Let’s go!” to stream your playlist.
  5. Save and share as per your preferences.

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