66% increase in average downloads per user per month: ACT Fibernet

By: The Mobile Indian network, New Delhi Last updated : May 08, 2020 3:19 pm

ACT Fibernet has been witnessing surge in demands across all major cities including Tier II markets.

ACT Fibernet has today released its State of Internet Traffic Trend findings. The data is based on overall traffic data measured from February - April 2020 and outlines key trends on data consumption and internet usage during this period.

According to the findings, there has been 40% increase in peak traffic in March. One of the most interesting revelations that came from the findings was on a particular day in March for the first time, 98.7% of entire ACT Fibernet subscriber base was concurrently online. ACT Fibernet has been witnessing surge in demands across all major cities including Tier II markets. The data and statistics presented here are gathered from 19 cities the company has presence in India.

Further, there was significant spike in downloads and uploads per user, owing to the high volume of work and streaming being undertaken. While the average downloads increased by 66% per user per month, the average uploads surged at 37% per user per month.

With respect to usage of streaming and OTT platforms, weekday traffic is almost as high as weekend traffic. While there has been an overall surge of 55% in streaming traffic and there is no significant difference between weekday and weekend streaming and/or traffic now. There is an overall traffic increase by 73% on weekdays and 65% increase on weekends.

Speaking on the findings, Bala Malladi, CEO, Atria Convergence Technologies Ltd said, “The demand for broadband data started rising from early March and spiked when nationwide lockdown was announced. In the last two months we have seen a significant shift in data consumption across cities as people moved to working from home, spending more time streaming content, indulging in online gaming, taking online classes/course, video conferencing etc. A particular day, we have recorded ~1.5 million customers concurrently logged in on our network at the same time - showcasing our network strength. The data and statistics we have collected showcases how home broadband has played a critical role in keeping people seamlessly connected during this challenging time. Our work from home Offer of providing Free 300 mbps speed upgrade and unlimited data has been really well received by customers enabling them to continue with their work life productively. “

We remain committed to meet the needs of our customers and ensuring their safety and wellbeing. Our network is future ready to scale up significantly and we will continue to do so to meet growing demands.” he further added.

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