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How to remove Facebook Friends from contacts on iOS

Stop your Facebook Friends from showing up in your Contacts & tweak the contact list with relevant contact details.

Apple 6 released in September brought tighter and system wide integration with the popular social network – Facebook. This integration basically enables the user to share links, photos, videos and other content directly to Facebook with simple one time log-in.
How to remove Facebook Friends
Many actually detest this integration even though several avid Facebook users adore this change. With the Facebook account sign-in, one nuisance is that it copies the contact details of the Facebook Friends to the contacts App. Now that can be confusing and tedious at the same time. Also the photos and usernames get updated as soon as you allow the Facebook to connect with the Contacts on an iOS device.

Here is a simple way to disable and remove the Facebook friends from appearing in your Contacts app.

Step 1
How to remove Facebook Friends
Open the Settings app and scroll till you see Facebook, below Twitter.

Step 2
How to remove Facebook Friends
Select Facebook and scroll down to the section that basically lists the apps that can use the Facebook account.

Step 3

From the list of apps, swipe on toggle bars for the Contacts app and turn the access request off.
How to remove Facebook Friends
After this, the Contacts app will go to the regular state and will not show your Facebook friends in the list of contacts.

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