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Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategy for Town Hall 11

Here is the comprehensive guide to easily destroy Town Hall 11.


  • Choose a side to start the attack
  • Deploy troops
  • Victory

Clash of Clans players often find it challenging to achieve a 3-star victory against Town Hall 11 bases due to the numerous new items added to the Home Village base layout. However, it’s not as difficult as it may seem. To help, here’s a detailed guide on how to successfully take down a Town Hall 11 base.

Town Hall 11 Best Attack Strategy

Troop Combination

  • Archers: 2
  • Super Wallbreaker: 1
  • Balloons: 26
  • Minions: 11
  • Lava Hound: 3
  • Valkyrie: 1
  • Heal Spell: 1
  • Rage Spell: 1
  • Freeze Spell: 2
  • Invisible Spells: 2
  • Poison Spell: 1
  • Haste Spells: 2
  • Clan Castle: 3 Super Wizard + 2 Invisible Spells + Battle Blimp

How to execute?

To take out the Eagle Artillery, it’s best to select a side that provides easy access. Start by deploying a hound and then follow up with a Battle Blimp. Once the blimp reaches the Eagle Artillery, release it and use invisible spells. Make sure to use all four invisible spells on the Super Wizards that are in the Clan Castle. The troops from the Clan Castle will effectively clear out the majority of the tightly-packed bases.

To ensure a successful attack, it is recommended to first take down the Eagle Artillery and eliminate any enemy troops in the Clan Castle using a poison spell. Then, commence the attack by releasing Balloons, followed by Lava Hounds and Grand Warden. Once the enemy defences are engaged, deploy minions behind the Balloons for added support.

Use our heroes from the opposite of chosen side of the attack. Once these deployments are done, we are set to use spells.

For optimal results, it’s advised to employ the Rage Spell on Balloons and Heal Spells after our troops have sustained significant damage from area splash attacks. In situations where Inferno Towers pose a threat, Freeze Spells can be utilized. Additionally, Haste Spells prove effective for Balloons when deemed necessary.

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