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If you bored with TikTok already, here are the Top 5 TikTok alternatives that you can try.

TikTok- the app that rose to success with its unique video making capabilities and a wide array of video genres. The app has a huge community with people gaining fame just by uploading videos. However, one can easily get bore of the same monotony. To break this boredom, here are the Top 5 TikTok alternatives that you can try.




Free on IOS and Android        


This is a short video app just like TikTok and lets you make videos of any genre. The videos are 15 seconds long and have various features like animated stockers, special effects and more. It has a real time camera that lets you do things like skin smoothening and eyes widening and blemish and marks removal all while recording. You can also live stream along with your followers. Your videos get response via comment, like and subscribe. The app has an in-app currency in the form of a flame sign which can be exchanged for real money straight to your bank account.



Free on IOS and Android 


The app has a huge library of dialogue material as well as a Music Magic filter the applies effects to videos based on the change of music volume or intonation. The app also allows you t speed up or slow down your videos. It also has the ability to merge several videos into a single clip as well as crop and trim videos. he LIKE community is a great place to discover new music videos or meet creators that share your taste in music. The app lets you share your videos to all of the most popular social networks, so you can share your videos with your followers on all of your social media accounts.




Free on IOS and Android 


The app lets you create any style of music video you want. You can create slow-motion videos, compile several video clips into a compilation, make video loops and much more. The app has a massive music library that grants you access to countless popular songs as well as sound effects. The app has twenty advanced video effects that make normal clips look viral worth. You can also add as much text or stickers to a video as you want, so you can easily add funny comments to each video you record with this app. You can make video collabs with your friends and it is easy with Funimate as you just have to pick a song you both like and merge the footage into a single clip.



Free on IOS and Android 


The app features a ton of video editing tools such as text fonts, animated filters, dynamic stickers, and 4D motion effects. It also has the basic trimming, cutting, cropping, merging and stitching features as well. You can do things like lip sync favourite movie line, music videos, songs, and dramas. You can watch Watch trending videos on your personalized news feed like hot trending videos, comedy & prank videos, lip sync & dubs, fashion & beauty, singing, dancing, magic and more. The app regularly hosts special events, dance battles, and funny challenges. Unlike the Facebook and Snapchat stories which stay for 24 hours, the stories at KWAI stay for 48 hours.



Free on IOS and Android

 The Helo app has a massive collection of videos and images that you can download. The app lets you make videos for the Helo community as well as for statuses (WhatsApp and Instagram). The app has feature such as video effects, video fonts, Music insertion and more. The live camera lets you add filters and beauty effects to your face. You can Launch a poll to see which celebrities, politicians and favorite foods people support. You can also see live cricket scores and chat with cricket fans. You can share your creation on WhatsApp, WhatsApp Status, Facebook and Instagram







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DUBSHOOT-Indian based video sharing App Similar to the Tik-Tok Dubshoot is a video sharing social networking app similar to Tik-Tok used for making dub videos, songs, popular quotes, movie lines, and even custom dub recordings.

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