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Top 5 things to consider while buying laptop less than ₹ 25,000

The 25K price range will certainly provide you with a great choice of laptops. Provided that you know what to look for.

Laptops are important in almost every sphere of life. Especially with the work from the home situation around the globe, it is probably a great idea to invest in a laptop. Though certain professions such as engineering and science require heavy-duty computers and laptops, other people can get a pretty good laptop for their work needs at a low price. However, before buying a laptop, one needs to see all the hardware components installed under its hood. We will limit our budget to ₹250000, as one can get a pretty solid system for that price. Here are some important points to consider before buying a laptop.

CPU: The most important part

CPU is nothing but your computer. A more powerful means the faster your computer. Before checking which CPU your laptop should have, do bear in mind that for PCs, you can’t compare clock speeds and cores directly. This is because different versions of the CPU have different architecture. Clock speeds mean how fast your computer can do calculations. For eg, an Intel Core i7 has a clock speed of 3.9 GHz, while an i5 also can have to same clock speed. This doesn’t mean that both have the same power. The i7 can simply do more functions in its clock speed than the i5. This is based on both the CPUs architecture.

By a general rule of thumb, for Intel, the higher the number, the better. However, at this price range, you may get an AMD processor. AMD is also equally good. Some of the good CPUs to check out for are AMD Dual-Core A6, Intel Pentium Gold,Intel i3. Though they certainly aren’t as powerful as i5,i7 or Ryzen, they do the job pretty well for an entry-level CPU.

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RAM: The more the merrier

RAM affects the speed of your laptop. Basically, all the programs that you run, run on your and is saved later in the disk drive. Laptops at this range come with 4GB RAM, which is a pretty good deal. Do keep in mind that Windows 10 as an OS will also take up space on your RAM, hence it is not advisable to go lower than 4GB. Nowadays, you can even add extra RAM in your laptops buy buying external RAM chips. The current generation of RAM is DDR4. DDR4 is way faster than DDR3 RAM, hence do take care of this point while selecting your machine.

Memory: How much?

Internal memory comes of two types – Solid-State Memory (SSD) or Hard Disk Drive (HDD). SSD is a new technology and is way faster than traditional HDDs. However, it is also expensive. For under 25K, you can only get 256GB of SSD, but you may opt instead for 1 TB of HDD. This depends on your work. If you value time over space, go with the SSD, else the HDD should suffice.

GPU: Does it matter?

GPU or Graphics Card isn’t really a requirement for these laptops. Under 25k, the laptops aren’t meant for gaming as opposed to everyday work usage. The default installed is an Intel Graphics card, however, if you can find an NVidia 600 Series or any AMD Card for the matter, rest assured that you may have to consider it’s power usage. As NVidia and AMD both draw a sizeable amount of power.

Don’t expect to see the GTX series in this range. However, if you can get any graphics card in the NVidia MX series, you can be satisfied that it can play some low-end games.

Design: Looks matter

For this price segments, you can find various designs. Some have big 15.6-inch screens, while others may be having a mere 10.1-inch screen. However, all laptops at this price range don’t support 4K. You can, however, get a full HD 1366 x 768 display. One advantage of this price segment is that, the laptops are usually lightweight, hence they can be easily carried around. They are also thin, as internal fans aren’t needed in a large number due to the low heat produced. Do see if the laptop is under 2Kgs and should be at least 21mm thick.

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