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Top 5 personalisation apps for Android smartphones

Don't like the plain Jane look for your Android smartphone? These apps will certainly help you.

When it comes to features and functionality Android offers the best possible experience to its users. The only downside is that the stock user interface of Android is way too simple. Some might like it and some might not. But it’s good that Android is open source, which means that developers can build custom applications to modify the experience. So as far as modifying user interface and experience go Android today offers a huge number of applications that users can install in order to improve the look and feel of their devices.

Here is a list of the top 5 applications available through the Google Play application store, which offers the best possible customization options for Android devices.

Go Launcher EX

One of the great aspects of Android is the openness for developers to re-imagine the native features. That is the sole reason why there are many customized launcher apps in the Android market. The Go Launcher EX, developed by the Go Developer Team, is one of the best and the best and most popular customized launcher applications available for Android.

The Go Launcher EX completely changes the user interface of the device by offering an additional user interface on which it also gives users a number of widgets and a lot of customizability.
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It offers a notifications plug-in that shows missed calls, unread SMSs and unread emails on the top right corner of the app icon. For those who like to change the cosmetic look, Go Launcher EX also offers themes to customize the look of the phone, including the icons.

Go Launcher EX has several settings built in to customize the gestures and navigation of the App Drawer. This Launcher is free to use and it has its own Go Store for free and paid themes as well.

App lock

Many times we have applications that we don’t want others to open and use. For that App lock application is the solution to all the application privacy needs of Android users. This free application can very simply password protect any application right from the messaging application to the settings application on the device.
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The application works on a simple principal and it password locks each and every application that is put in the blacklist. Once the application is added to the list there is no getting around it from anywhere on the device without entering the password or the pattern lock.

The app is very light on resources and never fails. That is the best part of this application. The setup process is also very simple as users just need to input the password and select the desired applications they need to protect; the rest is taken care of by the app.

Super Clock Wallpaper (Rs 53)

Live Wallpapers on the default Android operating system are of no better use than for keeping at bay. But if you like ever-changing live wallpapers then Super Clock is just the one for you.

The wallpaper offers clock and calendar information in a nice and attractive way, making it pleasing to the eye. Along with that users also get information about the WiFi network they are connected to and the battery power left in their device.
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All in all this paid application offers a great level of customization for users, along with plenty of on screen information for which users would otherwise have to dig deep into the device.

Overall, the wallpaper tries to break the monotony of the home screen by adding something exciting on it, and for Rs 53 it’s money well spent if you like to spice things up on your device.

Archos Media Player

In the world of media players and entertainment centric tablets, Archos is a well renowned name. The Archos Media Player app offers uncompromised multimedia experience with hardware accelerated video decoding support for most devices and audio/video formats. But the bigger benefit is what this media player offers in terms of look and feel. It is by far the most simple and sought after media player, and it is good looking as well.
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The application offers the ability to play content from any computer/network storage in your local network or from an external USB storage device. To offer a more exciting experience the application allows automatic online retrieval of movie and TV show information with poster and backdrop for both local and network content, and it also comes with an integrated subtitle downloader.

The application works on all Android devices based on Android Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0.3 and above. This is an ad-supported application. Interested users can visit the Google Play Store and get the application for their device. Also, there is a paid version of it, which offers ad free usage with a number of other exciting features as well.


Although many of us have used Zedge or some of its services, the Android application that the company has made available is a less known thing. The application is the mobile version of the Zedge.net web service that is very popular globally among mobile phone users.

Zedge mobile application offers free access and downloads of ringtones and wallpapers that can be used directly on the Android devices adding much needed zing to the boring and common ringtones that various Android systems offer.
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Along with offering options to download the application it also allows users to preview ringtones right from the application itself. Once the user chooses to download the ringtone it’s all saved right inside the application and can be accessed later on at any time.

Along with wallpapers and ringtones the application also offers suggestions and download links of free applications. Although these applications are not the most popular of the lot, but the discovery tool lets users stumble upon something nice and exciting.

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