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Top 5 must have apps for Android devices

Apps certainly make things easier and can be really helpful in various situations.

The best thing about smartphones is that you can enhance their abilities by simply installing required applications. However, with users very concerned about bloatwares (preinstalled apps) device makers these days try to roll out their devices with bare minimum apps.

Thankfully, for Android device users there is Google Play store which is the biggest market place in terms of number of apps. There are hundreds of free applications for which you don’t have to even shell out a penny. But the sheer number of apps also makes it difficult to choose.

To help you out we have here listed the five must have apps for every Android user.


Tired of those battery apps claiming to increase your battery life which in reality barely bring any change? However, Greenify is much different. Greenify basically hibernates the apps you don’t want to wake by themselves which in turn helps save a lot of battery. Opening up the app, you will find a small ‘+’ sign at the top which will add apps you want to hibernate. Once done just tap the ZZZ button to instantly hibernate apps. You can also enable auto hibernation by going into the settings menu. For Non-root users there will be a weird animation going on when the app auto-hibernates. Alternatively you can just add a widget to your home-screen for instant one tap hibernate.
Top 5 apps
This app saves a lot of battery as it doesn’t let any hibernated apps to wake on its own. So if you hibernate messengers like Whatsapp, then you will not get any notifications regarding your messages unless you actually open up the app.
Parallel Space

Have you been into that situation when you want to use multiple accounts on an app in the same phone? Parallel space does it for you. With Parallel space you can use multiple accounts on apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Snapchat etc. The basic concept behind this is that it duplicates the app on your phone and lets you operate another account for the same app in the phone. This app can be a life saver who always wanted to have two whatsapp accounts on their Dual SIM devices.
Top 5 apps
Night Screen

No matter how much you dim your phone’s display, sometime you will feel that screen is bright enough for those late chatting sessions especially when there is no room light. Casual browsing or chatting has become a prerequisite for good sleep these days and when its dark the phone display’s really irritates especially when browsing over something which is totally white.
Top 5 apps
‘Night Screen’ is the app which solves this issue perfectly. It doesn’t lowers your brightness but creates a black tint over your screen. It also comes with an option of dark theme and also enables an option to overlay status bar. Overall the app is pretty light and does the job pretty well.
Top 5 apps
Backdrops is a really nicely designed wallpaper app. Opening the app, you will see a bunch of wallpapers you can select or you can jump to community section to find related wallpapers. You can also search for any specific wallpaper. What makes this app really innovative is the amount of ease with which you can either download the wallpaper or just the set wallpaper as your homescreen background. Long pressing the ‘set’ button applies the wallpaper to your lock screen as well. You also get an option to sign in and save your favourites for future use. Not only this, you also get an option to upload your own created wallpapers once you have logged in.
CM Lite
Top 5 apps
Having occasional lags or hiccups while using your Android smartphone even after cleaning the memory? In that case try CM Lite or Clean Master Lite. CM Lite comes handy when one wants to quickly clean up his device without any filtering. The app scans in the first instance and intelligently lists various types of junk. Android phones generally store a lot of junk in the form of cache which can sometimes left unaltered. Additionally, the app also has a Battery Saver function which analyses different apps’ battery consumption. Moreover it can also scan for viruses with its anti-virus functionality. And all of this is stored in a fairly light weight app. If you want more functionality you can also download the original Clean Master app.

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