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Top 5 iPad games apart from Angry Birds

Apple iPad has some very good games even if you choose to put Angry Birds aside.

Apple’s iPad has always been praised for its gorgeous display and that is why it is considered as a good gaming device. Contrary to the popular knowledge, it has some very good games even if you choose to put Angry Birds aside which has on many occasions topped the chart of best games across platforms like android, etc.

Plants Vs Zombies

There are several strategy games available for iOS devices, but the ‘Plants vs Zombies’ stands out from the crowd. The game uses the best mechanics, which perhaps amplifies its charm and appeal.

As the name signifies, it’s the battle between the plants and the zombies but as by nature plants are not self-reliant, they need your help in terms of strategizing and planning what to do and what not to.

There are 48 kinds of plants and 26 zombies. With the completion of each level, a new item gets unlocked which adds something to the arsenal of the users. Users can choose which seeds should be taken to the battle, though they have limited slots for inventory. The most important part is not fighting, but choosing the right weapon.

This game requires an iOS 3.0+ device and above. You can download the Plants Vs Zombies on your Apple device manually or visit the iTunes store to do the same.
DrawRace 2

Draw Race 2 HD is a touch gesture game which will make the users fall in love with the new cars, driving features and levels as well.

The game takes users on a racing campaign across the world and through 180 different challenges. Once the users complete a course getting a gold medal, they unlock another course and more vehicles. The goal for the users is to balance the vehicles during turns.

Draw Race 2 has a driving feature, called Turbo, which can be used to get an upper hand against the opponents. The different modes available in the game include Career Mode, Multiplayer, World League and Friend Challenge.


FIFA 12 HD is a comfortable game. One can pair an iPhone with the iPad over to play this game.

There are five difficulty levels in the game. One can choose any team out of numerous leagues given in the game. The game is very enjoyable in the management mode also where the gamers have to keep an eye on the finances while they need to build talented and all rounded teams as far as possible.
Space Station Frontier HD

Space Station Frontier HD is a strategy game which lures the users right from the beginning and as the game progresses, the gaming experience also enhances.

In the game, you have to construct weaponry and mining tools using tower defense style interface; design and power vast networks of structures, then defend them against alien incursion!

While getting through the space, users come across numerous enemies to fight, with numerous missions and a lot of ways to earn credits for the players. Once enough credits have been earned, the gamers can upgrade their stations by adding weapons, new powers and generators.

The game can be played either on WiFi or Bluetooth. As users progress in the game, they unlock each mode.

Contre Jour HD

The game Contre Jour HD has a wonderful mix of features which keep users busy between light and dark. They have to guide the main character of the game, Petit, through the puzzles of the game.

There are ropes and spikes; users can also change the landscapes so they can supply Petit the required momentum to get through obstacles. Whenever the main character is in the touching distance of the rope, he automatically connects to it.

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