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Top 5 IoT Trends

The IoT devices have gone through various changes and have evolved over time and with evolution, it has set trends and so here’s our list of trends that will shape the future of IoT devices

IoT or internet of things is something that was only seen in movies up till a few years ago. It relies on machine learning and other automatic input for reliance.

IoT consists of everything from smart home devices to cloud computing. IoT devices have made our lives easier by integrating things like voice-activated assistants to smart home appliances. The IoT devices have gone through various changes and have evolved over time and with evolution, it has set trends and so here’s our list of trends that will shape the future of IoT devices.

Health care industry

The healthcare industry is ready to embrace the world of IoT. With wearables and other health tracking gadgets flooding the market, autonomous healthcare tracking is now getting a lot of traction. With smartwatches and health monitors on our bodies all the time, the collection of data is easier than ever.

Smartwatches like the Apple watch are already collecting our vitals like the heart rate and are saving it onto our phone and even sending it to our doctors all autonomously!

Predictive Maintenance of Appliances

Your home appliances need regular maintenance to function normally, but, we being humans sometimes forget or ignore calling the technician as either it’s too inconvenient or very time-consuming. IoT promises to fix this problem by booking the maintenance for you.

The appliance has sensors built-in and will know when something needs service. It will then by using the AI built into it, book an appointment with the technician. It will do all of this all on its own with you receiving the updates on your phone. LG’s current range of smart home appliances with Thinq AI are already rolling out with these features.

Smart Home

Smart Homes have evolved tremendously since their introduction. They continue to grow and become more capable with every new iteration. The adoption of smart homes will rise even further and will become a significant trend in the coming years.

With the cost of adoption going down and the options increasing, more people are investing into smart homes and majorly via smart speakers as they serve the dual purpose of being a speaker and a gateway to the world of IoT.

Better Data Analytics

One of the most looked forward to trend in the world technology is the combination of IoT and AI. This combination will lead to better data analytics and autonomous decision making. It will aid us to focus more on the essential things by taking care of tiny day to day decisions for us. IoT can collect necessary data and input, whereas the AI can analyze and equate them to reach a logical decision for us.

Retail Experience

With IoT spreading its roots everywhere, it was natural that it made its way into the retail world. With the help of sensors and other data-collecting devices, your shopping experience can now be tailored to your preference.

The items shown will be based on your preference, style and size. Amazon has already launched a smart mirror with Alexa built-in that scans your body for size and shows you clothes of different types and how they would look on you in real-time.

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