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Top 5 health apps on Android

If you love being in shape then these free apps will definitely be the perfect companion on your Android smartphone.

Being fit and fine is everyone’s dream and believe it or not there is no magic trick to being healthy. It’s just a routine and a couple of exercises that one must do on a daily basis to keep in shape and free from any sort of health related troubles. While your Android device cannot make you exercise it can surely help you in doing that by tracking your pace and progress so that you know that what you are doing is right and beneficial for you. So here we present to you our top 5 health related applications for Android users. All these applications are available free of cost from the Android application store and there are no charges associated with the use of these applications either.

Top 5 health apps

Nike+ Running

In the world of applications for smartphones and smart devices Nike+ is one application that does not require any introduction. Coming from the world leader in fitness equipment this unique application helps people run and burn calories. Nike+ Running has been the most popular app on the iOS platform, and it is also available on Android platform.

The Nike+ Running application maps your runs, tracks your progress and gets you the necessary motivation you need to achieve your goals, and the best part is that you do not even require to use any sensors or additional products; just grab your phone and go.

Top 5 health apps

Utilizing your phone’s GPS and accelerometer you can accurately record your distance, pace and time. In-run audio feedback lets you know these metrics at every mile, so you can stay focused on your run. And if you like some songs while running then easily set up Power Songs to give you a boost with the tap of a button.

If satisfied you can share the app with your friends and family over Facebook and get their feedback right in the app as well.


Calorie counter

Even though we get our body back to the gym to do several exercises, every exercise is useless unless we give up those extra calories that we take when we eat different foods. Unknowingly we consume a large number of calories that in turn affect our health in a negative way. And a large calorie intake leads to longer and rigorous exercising schedules in order to counter the extra calories that users consume.

Hours in the gym will be of no use if you cannot keep a check on your calorie intake. But a calorie counter application is all you need to train your body to take the right amount of calories because eating healthy and right is the first step towards being healthy and fit.

Top 5 health apps

Other than about raw and cooked food, Calorie Counter also has information on dishes available at popular restaurants. Users can punch in details of what they are eating and this application will calculate whether it fulfills a day’s calorie requirements or not.

The application helps users stay motivated with posts and success updates coming in from different users who are benefiting from the app.

Instant Heart Rate Monitor

Not just among elders, heart related illness is even becoming common in the younger generation who are just catching up with fast foods and snacks. The Instant Heart Rate Monitor is a handy application that each and every one of us can use.

Top 5 health apps

It is quite simple to use actually. The user needs to put his finger on the camera of the smartphone and the application measures his heart rate. With the use of this application it is possible to monitor one’s heartbeat at regular intervals and maintain a database that they can share with the doctor for consultation.

With this the users can even know a pattern about his heart rate activity by doing several activities, and in turn can reduce or increase the activities to keep the heart safe.


Workout trainer

The humble gym too today has gone virtual, well not in the literal sense. Today it’s difficult to take out time and visit the gym everyday; that’s why people prefer doing light exercises at home. But the Workout Trainer application takes your gym virtually anywhere you go so that you never miss out on your exercise regimen and stay healthy making it your perfect Gym Assistant.

Top 5 health apps

But when we start we love to try every exercise at the gym once in a while, but soon we get bored doing monotonous exercises, which is the worst possible thing that can happen to anyone going to the gym. Therefore the application comes with interesting pictures and videos of exercises which one can easily follow to do things perfectly.

This application is built for fitness freaks. With variations of each exercise, it won’t let you get bored and you can also punch in your workout details to monitor your progress. You can try out new regimens that community members paste on the forums and can even share your progress using social networking. If not satisfied then this application also allows you to play your favorite workout music while you follow your routine.

My Tracks

My Tracks is a one stop solution to record your path, speed, distance, and elevation while you walk, run, bike, or do anything else outdoors. This application utilizes the GPS system on your smartphone to locate your presence and track your progress, and following that the same data is saved by the application, enabling users to research more about their pattern and improve it if needed.

Top 5 health apps

This application is especially beneficial for those who like indulging in outdoor activities such as jogging, running cycling etc. They can track their movement, speed and elevation thereby calculating variance in performance during different conditions.

The app can also connect to external devices which can collect data such as heart beat and blood pressure thus allowing the application to collect more informative data for the users and helping them train better while not stressing themselves, which is key to health.

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