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Top 5 free health apps for BlackBerry smartphones

From workouts to balanced diets and then complete performance analysis - all this can be achieved through an app.

Health and fitness are very important in this fast track life. While you can use your phone to boost productivity, your device also serves as a great companion to track your fitness. The applications available in the app stores offer a comprehensive set of features to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself.
top five apps
BlackBerry App world has a mixed collection of health apps that can help you achieve your goals and also keep you interested in the right kind of food. Here is our list of top 5 free apps that you must try out.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo is a multi-platform app so if you have any other device, you don’t have to worry about sharing data and listings. BlackBerry devices with built-in GPS and A-GPS can make the best of this app’s tracking system to keep a record of your runs. Once you register with the service you get connected with the large community of new as well as experienced users. You can always exchange tips to tweak your regimen and safety guidelines to prevent injuries.
top five apps
You get a personal dashboard that shows a record of your performance. You can also use your current run to match your past records to note any changes in performance. Social sharing capability keeps your friends motivated to join you in staying fit. Get the Endomondo Sports Tracker app from BlackBerry App world.

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

One of the best Health and Lifestyle apps is the Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal. Carrying a huge food database, this app will tell you what food is best for your daily calorie intake. This app has over 1,700,000 food items listed and more being added daily. Not only that, each food item has a description of important nutrients. Users can choose the best that are necessary for the body and plan a balanced diet. Save your meals and recipes to be referred to later. The app also offers about 350 different exercises which include those for cardio training as well as strength exercises. You can set your goals and create your custom set of exercises along with balanced food. And track the changes month by month.
top five apps
If you are serious about your food and exercise, then you must get the Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker app from BlackBerry App world.

Gym Technik

So you are regular at the gym but don’t seem to be noticing any changes in your body? Well then get the Gym Technik app which will help you choose the work outs that will suit your body. Also, you can learn the correct way to perform exercises for maximum benefits and prevent injury. It is also your Gym Notebook for keeping a track of weights, exercises etc. performed in a session. The app offers a simple and easy to use interface for when you are just going to gym or are stepping out of gym. Most important is the built-in resting and recovery timer that is meant to make sure you give your body enough rest.
top five apps
Get the Gym Technik app from BlackBerry App world.

Adidas miCoach

Adidas offers audible coaching that can be downloaded real time on your device while you are out jogging in the park. Great for those who step out early and wish to keep a track on their workouts. The app offers daily work out plans and even coaching feedback right on the phone itself. You can always listen to the music while you are working out and then continue checking if you are doing it right. The app connects with the supporting Adidas shoes and accessories, and eventually syncs data with miCoach.com for further detailed analysis of the workouts.
top five apps
A working data connection and GPS will be handy for Adidas miCoach app, which is available from the BlackBerry App world.

Recipe Box

Though you are enthusiastic about working out, equal attention should be paid to eating. Recipe Box is your lottery-like app, which helps you select the recipes that suit your taste and offer you balanced nutrients. The app offers 700 different recipes along with their ingredients and nutritional value. New recipes and photos are added timely to keep you interested in new and interesting food. You need not worry about preparations because a majority of them are really easy to prepare.
top five apps
Get the Recipe Box app from BlackBerry App World.

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