Top 5 apps for women safety

By: Ayush Mahapatra, The Mobile Indian, Kolkata Last updated : March 05, 2020 11:45 am

On this occasion of women's day, we stand by the need for women's personal security and so here is our list of top 5 apps for women's safety.

Women safety in India is a huge issue with it taking a back seat. With the advancement in technology and government aid, app-based personal safety has surfaced as the most viable option because of its versatility and accuracy. On this occasion of women's day, we stand by the need for women's personal security and so here is our list of top 5 apps for women's safety.


Eyewatch SOS for women- Free on Android and IOS



It claims to be the most advanced personal safety application in the world. The app has the ability to capture audio and video data which is then relayed to your registered “guardian” with an alert message. The app has high location accuracy and can function without GPRS and safety confirmation feature. On the app, you have different alerts that will trigger an SMS being sent to your guardian along with your location. After reaching your desired location, you can hit the “I am safe” button to let your guardian know that you are safe.




112 app- Free on Android and IOS

The pan India emergency number 112, now has an app with all the emergency features. The app as options for requesting help for emergencies like medical, police and natural calamity. A woman in need can hit the panic button on the app or press the power button thrice to initiate an emergency SOS call.


The call will be picked up by the ERC who will then send the nearest police vehicle to your location. An SMS with your location will also be sent to your registered contacts as well. The services work even in the absence of cellular data.




My SafetyPin- Free Android and IOS

If you find yourself stuck on a crossroad at an odd hour and want safe passage to your destination? Use the My SafetyPin app. On entering your location, the app beacons and alerts your contacts and invites family member or friends to track you. It then gives you a safe alternate passage based on security parameters like public transport, visibility, security etc.


This ensures the safety of the person in transit while being under the aegis of someone known.


CitizenCop- Free Android and IOS

It’s a community-based safety app that lets citizens report criminal cases or illegal activities taking place in their area. Cases of theft can also be reported here. Using the information provided, the app creates a safety zone for women through what it calls eLakshman Rekha and provides feature like location tracking, SOS calls, and SMS alerts.




In situations of grave danger, reaching for your phone, opening an app and calling for help might not be very viable. Shake2Safety works on that by allowing the victim to make emergency SOS calls by pressing the power button four times and shaking the phone. It sends an SMS to your registered number along with making an instant emergency call. The app works even without an internet connection.

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